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How do I archive a position?

Reduce clutter on your schedule while preserving history

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This article was last updated on July 3, 2024.

Rather than deleting a position completely, Sling allows you to archive them. This helps accounts with inactive positions reduce the amount of info presented on the schedule while keeping the history of shifts and timesheets. Archived positions can also be reactivated so they can be used again.

To archive a position:

  1. Go to Dashboard > Positions

  2. Click on the options button (3 dots) next to the position you want to archive

  3. Click on Archive

  4. Check all three boxes and type "Archive Position" in the text box. Then click the red Archive button.

You can also select several positions and archive them all at once.

Note: Archiving a position will delete any shifts scheduled in the future and employees will no longer be assigned to this position. 

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