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Remove an employee from being visible in your schedule, reports, and timesheets

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This article was last updated on May 13, 2024.

Admins and managers have the option to hide certain employees from all users on a company's Sling account. This function is a global setting, so that the employee who is hidden is hidden for everyone on the account rather than just a single person's view.

This is helpful when you have managers or admins who are not scheduled for shifts, among other reasons. Using this setting will streamline your view and reduce clutter.

To remove an employee from your view, go to Dashboard > Employees, and click the person's name in the list.

Next, select the employee's Work tab, and scroll to the bottom of that page, where you can toggle the settings for the user to be hidden from everyone.

The employee will now show in the main Employee list with this icon next to their name to let you know they're hidden.

Hidden employees will be hidden from the Schedule, Reports, and Timesheet as well until you select to un-hide them.

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