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Clocking in & out

How to clock in and out of shifts using the Sling mobile or web app

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This article was last updated February 14, 2024

Clocking in and out for the shift is easy with Sling. Users can access the time clock function from the mobile app or the web version of Sling. If your company is using Sling's Business features, then your staff can also clock in using a device designated as a kiosk.

From the web

To clock in or out of a shift from the web app, first log in to your Sling profile.

In your Dashboard, you'll see the option to clock into your upcoming shift, as well as the details of when the shift is scheduled to begin.

Please note that your company may have some restrictions in place for how early you can clock into a shift. You may not be able to clock in very early, depending on how the admin for your company's account has set up the time clock.

You may also have permission to clock into an unscheduled shift, which means the shift is not yet on the schedule. In this case, you'll be prompted to select the Position and Location (from the ones assigned to your profile) that you are clocking in for.

From the app

When you log in to your Sling mobile app, you'll also see the option to clock in within the Dashboard screen.

When you tap the Clock in button, you will either:

  • be asked to confirm the shift you're clocking in for, if scheduled.

  • or be presented with the option to clock in for an unscheduled shift, if your company uses this function.

You may see both options if you are scheduled, but are attempting to clock in early.

To clock in, tap the shift, which will open the details window, then tap Clock in at the bottom of the page.

You'll get confirmation that you are clocked in.

You will also see that your shift is in progress from the Dashboard along with the options to start a break (if a break was scheduled into your shift) or clock out.

Starting your break is easy. Just tap the Start break button and confirm on the next screen.

You'll know you're on break by the buttons on your Dashboard and the change in color to orange.

When you're ready to end your break, just tap End break and confirm on the next page.

When you're ready to clock out, just tap the Clock out button on the Dashboard, then tap Clock out at the bottom of the page.

After you've clocked out, you'll see a confirmation message and a summary of your shift.

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