This article was last updated on 5/13/2021.

Once you've set up your profile for your company's Sling account, you'll be able to look at your schedule once it is published.

When you login at, you'll land on your Dashboard screen. From there, you can select the Schedule tab.

Once you're in the Schedule tab, notice that there are some options. You may be able to view the Full Schedule if your employer has given permission to see your coworkers' shifts. Or you can look at "My Schedule" to see the shifts that have been assigned to you.

There is also an Available shifts tab, where you can check to see what shifts have been made available to you. The shifts that you see here will match the Location(s) and Position(s) that are saved to your profile. So if you are not seeing any shifts posted in the Available tab, then check with a manager to be sure that you've been assigned the correct locations and positions.

If you have been making adjustments to the Filters, be sure to clear anything you've altered, otherwise you may not be able to see all of the Locations or Positions that are assigned to you.

In the example below, only one location has been selected to display, so no shifts that have been assigned to the employee for the other locations will be visible.

Each filter dropdown menu includes the option to "Clear" which will select all items again for you.

If you download the Sling mobile app, then you can check the schedule from the Shifts tab, located in the menu at the bottom of the screen.

In the app, you also have the option to look at My Schedule, Available shifts, and you may also be able to look at the Full Schedule depending on your company's settings.

To view the shifts that have been assigned to you, look under My schedule, and to view what shifts are available to pick up, tap the Available tab.

If you have looked at each of the schedule views and do not see any shifts, then it is possible that your employer has not yet posted anything. You may need to wait until shifts are published, when you'll be notified through your Dashboard, and will receive notifications by email or push notification depending on how you have configured your own notification settings.

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