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How do I join my company on Sling?
How do I join my company on Sling?

Learn how to set up an employee or manager account

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Article last reviewed on 10/13/2021.

If your company is using Sling, your manager or admin will need to send you an invitation to join their account. The link in your invitation is the only way to gain access and view the schedules they create.

If you receive a text message invitation, we recommend downloading the Sling mobile app before you click on the invitation link to set up your profile.

If you receive an invitation by email, then you will need to use that email address to create a unique password for your Sling profile. Please note that you must use an active email address in order to join Sling. Your email address functions as your login ID.

If you wish to use a different email address for your Sling login, you can change the email saved to your profile once you successfully join the account.

If you accidentally create a new account rather than joining your company's account, you can delete it by following these steps.

Once you get your invitation, you just need to click the link in the email or text and follow the prompts to set your password. 

Please note that if you have received more than one email invitation, you must click the link in the most recent message that you received. Otherwise you'll get an error message that the link has expired.

If your company has sent you an email invitation but you do not see it in your inbox, make sure to check your junk and spam folders in case it ended up there. If you don't see it there, add to your contacts, then ask your manager to re-invite you.

Once your password has been set, you can sign in to view your schedule and use the features in Sling that your company has enabled.

Still having trouble? Contact us and we'll be happy to help! Use the chat icon in the bottom right of your screen to reach Sling Customer Support.

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