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Adjust your schedule layout to horizontal

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This article was last reviewed on May 13, 2024.

Sling includes a conventional calendar grid or a horizontal view for the schedule, which is available for the Free, Premium, and Business versions of Sling.

In order for the new horizontal view option to be available, you must either select the Month or Custom view from the Range options in your Schedule.

From your schedule tab in the web version of Sling, click on the Date Range button at the upper left of your screen to select either the Month or Custom options. Then you will see the button appear to choose either the "Calendar view" or the "Horizontal view."

The horizontal view will adjust your dates to appear in one row, like so:

If you would like to apply the horizontal view to less than a month range, then you can do so by selecting the Custom range, and then choosing the week you wish to view. The example below is for a two-week range:

Select whichever view works best for your scheduling needs!

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