Copying a task template

Replicate a task and make adjustments to create a new one

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This article was last reviewed November 28, 2023.

We know that you may have a set of tasks that are quite similar but require small adjustments to fit some positions or locations. In order to help you we have added a feature to copy task templates so you can easily create a new template based on another.

You can copy a task template from the schedule or from the task page.

From the schedule:

On the schedule, click the Options menu at the top right corner, then click on View task templates. You will see a list of your existing task templates. Click on the template you want to copy and then click on the copy icon on the modal displaying the template details.

From the task page:

From the task page, go to the Task Templates tab. There, click the options button (3 dots) next to the task template you want to copy and then choose Copy.

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