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How do I add a timesheet?

Learn how to add a blank timesheet to account for a shift that was worked but not scheduled, or to clock someone in who is not scheduled

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We know last-minute changes happen, so we've made it possible to add a blank timesheet right from your Time clock tab.

This will help you add a shift that was worked, but never scheduled, or can even help you clock someone in (especially if you don't want to enable unscheduled clock-in).

From the website:

Go to the Time clock tab, then click the Create timesheet button near the top right.

In the window that pops up, enter the name of the employee, the location and position they worked under, and a clock-in time.

You can also add the clock-out time if the shift has been finished already, or you can skip it if the employee simply forgot to clock in.

Adding just a clock-in time will allow the employee to clock out on their own when the shift is over.

Click Save to create the timesheet entry.

This will also add a shift to the calendar, so you can accurately see when an employee has worked as you're editing the schedule or adding more hours.

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