Say hello to Shift Acceptance

Shift acceptance is a new feature providing an automatic function to ensure that your employees have seen their new shifts and will be there to work them.

After publishing your schedule, employees will be asked to confirm their schedule. If an employee can't work, they will have the ability to deny the shift but will remain assigned to it until managers are notified and reassign the shift.

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Add tasks to multiple shifts easily

Managers now have the ability to add tasks with the bulk edit function, so no more editing shifts one by one.

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Get an alert when employees exceed their time off caps

In order to make time off management easier, we introduced a conflict when an employee requests too many paid days off. You will be warned if you approve a time off request crossing their leave cap.

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Delete unwanted messages and conversations

Managers can now delete individual messages within a group conversation (even if the message was posted by another user) and they are also able to delete an entire group conversation if it's no longer needed or was created by mistake. Managers need to be a member of the conversation in order to do this.

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