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Assigned tasks

How employees can view shift tasks

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This article was last reviewed on June 10, 2024.

Shift tasks can be reviewed and completed from different places. We tried to make it as easy as possible for your employees to check their to-do list during their shift. 

From the app

Your employees can access their tasks from different places on the app. Each place allows the employee to have access to the task, see its details, and complete any subtasks for it.

  • The easiest way for your employees to review their tasks is to go to the Task page, and from there they can see their tasks for each day.

  • On the schedule, employees can see their task when they tap a shift to look at the details for it.

  • If there is a task attached to the shift they are clocking into, the time clock view will contain a link to the task(s)

From the web

On web, employees can access their task the same way as on the app. When clocking in, checking their schedule, or viewing the task page, they will always be able to see their assigned task(s) and complete them from there

  • The task page will show every task assigned to them, they can customize the range to see more than one day. Tasks assigned to coworkers are not visible to them on this view.

  • From their shift: 

  • When clocking in and out:

From the kiosk

Your employees will also be able to review and complete their tasks from the Kiosk. Tasks assigned to their shift will be displayed to them after inputting their PIN. 

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