Assigned shift tasks

Review tasks that have been assigned to your shifts

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This article was last reviewed on June 10, 2024.

Instead of clicking on each shift to review tasks that have been assigned to shifts on the schedule, you can easily access a list using the web version of Sling.ย 

Go to Tasks > Shift Tasks and you will see all your tasks along with some basic information about the shift.

Use the range selector to see tasks assigned to shifts for the Day, Week, Month, Quarter, or a Custom range, and use the forward and backward arrow adjacent to the range selector to change the details in view.

Admins and managers, you'll see two sub-tabs for tasks--Shift tasks that have been assigned to the range selected, and also a list of all shift templates that have been created for your organization.

From the Shift tasks tab, you can perform edits, complete, and delete task instances.

โ€‹Note: Managers are only able to interact with tasks assigned to shifts scheduled in the location they manage. Employees only see their own tasks.

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