Shifts tasks are the easiest way to distribute tasks across your team so it's clear what needs to be done during each shift. You can attach multiple tasks to a shift and each task can have sub-tasks (or checklists) and a description.

Before you can attach tasks to shifts, you need to create a task template.
Go to Tasks > Task templates and click Create template.

A window will appear where you will be able to add:

  • A title

  • A description (optional)

  • Sub-tasks (optional)

Once you're happy with your template, click on Create.

When creating or editing a shift, you can add a task by clicking in the field shown. Choose one from the list or type the name in. More than one can be added to the same shift, too.

Note: New tasks can't be created directly from the shift modal.

Once the shift is saved, a task icon will be visiblefrom the main view of the calendar and you'll be able to see task details by clicking on the shift. 


Follow the links below to learn more about tasks:

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