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Add an emoji to a coworker's message to share your thoughts without saying a word

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Use an emoji reaction to let your coworkers know how you feel about their messages, or simply to acknowledge receipt.

From the web

Hover your mouse over a message and you will see an emoji icon appear above the right edge of the text along with the other actions you can take.

Click the smiley face to see the basic emoji reactions.

Click the gray smiley face with the + symbol to expand the options for the full range of emoji reactions!

Search for the reaction you want or scroll to find it.

Your reaction will appear under the message so all your coworkers can see it. 

If someone else has already reacted to a message, you can also click the icon to add the same reaction, or you will see the smiley face icon under the message now so you can add a different one. Hovering over the existing reactions will let you see who added them, too.

If you accidentally add a reaction and want to remove it, just click it again and it will remove your reaction.

From the mobile app

Once you are in the message thread, tap and hold the message you want to react to. The first options that display are the basic emoji reactions:

If you tap the gray smiley face with the + symbol, then just as in the web version, you can expand the options visible to select something else.

Use the search bar to locate the emoji you want to use, or scroll to find and select it.

If you react to the wrong message or want to remove it for any reason, just tap the emoji icon again.

If there is an existing reaction, you can tap it to add the same one for yourself, or you can tap the smiley face to choose another one. 

To see who has reacted to the message, tap and hold the reaction(s) and a list will pop up on a new screen.

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