Type the # symbol with one space after, then your text.
For example, "# Weekly Summary" will appear as:


To make text bold, add two asterisks before and after the text.
For example, "This new policy will go into effect as of **March 1, 2020**" will show up like this:


Similar to bold text, add one asterisk before and after text to make it italicized.
For example, "New employees will need to be prepared for their first day of training with all requested paperwork *and* approved non-slip footwear."


If you would like to change a comment, but leave the original message in place for context, you might use this option along with editing your comment.
For example, "We will be closing at 2PM today for a private function" might later be changed to "We will be closing at ~~2PM~~ today for a private function
UPDATE: the time has been changed to 3 PM"


If you would like to highlight a quote or reference an earlier message as the one you're replying to, you can add the > symbol with one space before the quoted text.
For example:
"> Does anyone know where the grey bus tubs are?
@greg check the dish pit"


If you want to separate two topics or add a visual break, type 3 dashes (---) on a separate line.
For example:
"... will be several line-ups to highlight and discuss these changes.
The new kitchen equipment will be delivered this weekend, so you can expect to see work crews in and out as they install everything."

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