2. Adding employees

Learn how to add a single profile, import all your employees at once, or share a link so they can self-register

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This article was updated on April 29, 2024.

Once you have your account created, you'll need to add your employees so you can schedule them.

There are four options for adding employees.

1. Adding one employee at a time

This might be a good option for smaller businesses or if you are adding a new hire to your existing list.

Go to Dashboard > Employees and click the Add employee button, then choose "Add individual employee."

A form will appear so you can add all their details. 

You must add at least one character in the first and last name fields to save a profile. All other details can be added later. 

In order to invite the employee to join the account (which is necessary so they can see the schedule and communicate with you and the team), you must add either an email address or mobile number. Users who are invited using only their phone number will receive a text message invitation, and will need to download the Sling mobile app before they set up their credentials. Users who have an email address added will be invited via email. Once an email address has been entered into a profile, it is not possible to generate a text message invitation instead.

The timezone will default to the main setting for the account, but you can check the details here to make sure they are accurate.

The system role will control their level of access within the account. This is set to employee by default, but if you would like to add a manager or another admin, you can edit their role, here.

Their employee ID can be added to help with reports (Business only), in the event that you need to export shift data according to ID rather than name. 

The next three fields let you assign locations, positions, and groups to the employee. It is important to add all applicable locations and positions so they will be able to get notifications relevant to them.

Just below the Groups field, you'll see the option to indicate whether the employee has a manager or managers who should receive all communications regarding time off requests, changes to availability, and shift exchange details. If this field is left blank, then any admin or manager who is assigned to the same location(s) as the employee will receive Dashboard notifications for the employee. If a name is added here, then only the names added will receive notifications.

The last two options on this page let you invite the employee to join your account  (email address or mobile number required) and grant access to labor cost, reports, and wages (managers only). 

Once you have all the details entered correctly, remember to click Save and your new employee is ready to be scheduled!

Please note that the page that appears for you to invite an employee is not the same as what you will see when you view their profile details. The updated profile tabs for employees include a Work tab, where you will find their Role, Location and Position assignment, as well as other details pertaining to their work role. For more details about Profiles, click here.

2. Adding multiple employees

If you need to add several people quickly, you can use the next option under the Add employee button labeled, "Add multiple employees."

A shorter form will appear with multiple lines for different people. You can also add more rows to add more users. Just fill in their info and save.

3. Importing your employees from a file

If you have an existing list of your employees in a spreadsheet, you can easily import them into Sling. 

Our import function supports the following data:

  • Full name  - OR -

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Employee ID

  • Email address

  • Phone number

  • Locations

  • Positions

  • Groups

  • Hire date

  • Preferred hours

  • Base employee hourly wage

  • Kiosk PIN (a 4-digit PIN to use to clock in and out of our Kiosk time clock)

The file should be one sheet with only the data you wish to import. Extra columns or sheets will result in an error.

To start the import process, go to Dashboard > Employees. Click the Add employee button, then click "Import list from csv file."

You can browse for the file or drag and drop it into the box with the dotted outline.

The next step allows you to label the columns in your file. 

You can also choose whether to send invitations to the employees you're adding now or wait until later (which will give you time to finish setting up the account and create some shifts).

Finish by clicking the Import employees button and they will be uploaded to Sling.

If you have a large staff or want to make adding employees easier on yourself, you can share a link to let them create their own profiles. 

Your unique link will connect them to your account and give you an opportunity to screen join requests so you can weed out any unauthorized profiles.

To get your link, go to the Employees tab (Dashboard > Employees), and click the Add employee button, then choose "Get shareable link."

A pop-up will appear with your link. Copy it and you can share it with your employees anywhere you'd like.

When your employees follow the link, they will be asked for their name and email address and they will have a chance to set their password. To submit their request, they just click the Request invite button.

They will see that their request is waiting for approval and we will let them know they will receive an email with the next steps.

On the admin/manager side, you will get a join request notification. If you recognize the name, you can approve it right from your Dashboard.

If you need to review the details, you can click the notification. 

You can also look for all join requests under the Employees tab. To approve or deny a request here, click the options button (3 dots).

Once approved, you will see the profile moved to the Invited users list and you will be able to view the full profile to edit their assigned locations, positions, groups, and more.

Sling will send an email to the employee to confirm their acceptance. They will just need to follow the invitation link to complete the process and log in.

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