This article was updated on July 29, 2021

Tags are a way to attach a custom field to a shift in addition to the location and position. They can be used to specify lots of different info such as:

  • A shift's name or title

  • A server's section or zone

  • A vehicle type or ID for a delivery driver

  • A work site or project

  • A work station or specific duty

  • A specific task or tasks that need to be done while on that shift many more applications - the possibilities are endless!

To set up tags, go to Dashboard > Tags and click Add tag.

Fields will appear where you can add the name of the tag an a description for anyone else who wants to use it.

Click Save and the tag is added to the list and can be used for scheduling.

To add a tag to a shift, just choose it from the list or type it into the field. Tags can be added when creating a new shift or you can edit an existing shift to add one or more.

The tag info will be displayed from the main view of the calendar so employees, managers, and admins can all see important details of the shift.

They have also been added to the schedule filters so you can easily focus on certain areas to assist with things like coverage and staffing pars.

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