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Where can I find my PIN for the kiosk?
Where can I find my PIN for the kiosk?

Find and set your PIN to clock in via the kiosk; includes steps for the website and mobile app

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This article was last reviewed January 4, 2023.

If your company has set up a time clock kiosk at your workplace, you are probably wondering where you can find your PIN.Β 

Note that the kiosk PIN will not display unless the kiosk has been enabled through your account's time clock settings.

From the website

Go on your Profile on Sling.

Select the Work tab of your profile.

Near the bottom you should see Time clock PIN and a 4-digit number next to it. This is your PIN.

If somehow you are not happy with this PIN, you can click on the πŸ”„ button to get a new one.

An admin can also set a custom PIN for you by editing your profile from their account.

From the mobile app

Tap the More icon at the bottom right, then choose Profile from the list.

This will open your profile details and you can scroll down a bit to see your current PIN.

If you want to change your PIN, you can tap the options button (3 dots) at the top right corner of the screen and edit your profile.

You can tap the πŸ”„ icon to generate a new, random PIN. Just like on the website, if you want to set a custom one, you will have to ask an admin to edit your profile for you. Remember to Save your changes!

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