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Add employees

Add a new staff member to your Sling account

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This article was last reviewed on June 26, 2024.

From the website

Go to Dashboard > Employees. Click the Add employee button near the top right of the page.  

This will bring up a blank form where you can add your employee's information. Be sure to include a valid email address or mobile number so they will receive their invitation to join your company's account. If you only add a phone number, then the employee will be invited to join by text message.

Note: It is not possible to invite an employee via SMS once an email has been entered into the employee's email field.

You can also assign a different system role, as well as locations, positions, and groups.

Remember to add at least one location and position so the employee will be able to see available shifts!

If this employee will be added under the "manager" role, you can also choose to allow them to have access to labor cost information (wages, projected sales, etc).

Once all their info is entered, click Save and they're ready to be scheduled.

For details about adding employees in bulk, click here.

From the mobile app

Tap the More tab, then choose Employees from the list.

You'll see your current list of employees. At the top right corner, tap the + icon. Choose Add employee.

Fill in the employee's details, then tap Save at the top right corner.

You'll return to the employee list and see confirmation that their profile was added to the account. 

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