This article was last updated 11/17/2021.

Only a user who is assigned the role of Admin or Manager has the ability to delete a shift in Sling. If you are an Employee and your schedule requires some adjustment, you will need to contact a manager or admin on your company's Sling account.

From the web:

To delete a shift, click on it to open the details, then click on the trashcan icon (upper right corner).

If you are trying to delete a shift that is not yet published, then it will look a bit different, and you can find the option to delete by using the option dots as illustrated below:

You can also use the checkboxes to select a shift or shifts, then use the trash can icon that will appear at the top left of the page.

From the Sling mobile app:

Go to your Shifts tab, and pull up the Full Schedule page if you need to delete an employee's shift.

Once you tap the shift you wish to delete, you'll see the Options dots in the upper right. Tap those to access the option to delete the shift.

Note that if the shift is part of a recurrence, Sling will ask you if you want to delete all future shifts in that recurrence set, or only the current shift you've selected. Choose whichever applies.

The employee will be notified that the shift has been cancelled.

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