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Shift Feedback for admins and managers
Shift Feedback for admins and managers

Enable shift feedback to allow employees to rate their shifts

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With Sling’s Business subscription, employees can provide non-anonymous shift feedback when they clock out, allowing you to better understand the sentiments of your team.

Please note that this feature only works if the Sling time clock is enabled and employees clock in and out using the Sling time clock.

Admins on the account can enable this setting by going to Dashboard > Settings > Schedule.

When enabled, employees will receive a notification 5 minutes after they clock out of a shift asking them to submit feedback.

Shift Feedback Report

To view feedback left by employees, go to Reports > Shift Feedback. Here, admins and managers can view feedback left by employees. Filters can be applied to this report if you want to have a customized view of the data. If a comment is too long to view on the report, you can hover your mouse over the comment to view the entire comment.

Please note that managers will only be able to view shift feedback for employees assigned to their location or for employees for which they are the assigned manager.

There are two graphs on the Shift Feedback report. The graph on the left shows the average rating over time for the selected time frame. The graph on the right shows the breakdown by rating for the selected time frame.

You can export the Shift Feedback report as a CSV or XLS by clicking on the arrow icon near the upper right corner.

The Shift Feedback Report can also be saved as a PDF and printed. This can be done by clicking the printer icon near the upper right corner.

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