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Use Sling's open API to integrate your account with another application

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This article was updated February 12, 2024.

Sling currently has an open API that allows users to set up an integration with other applications. Please note that through the API, users are still only able to retrieve data included in the subscription plan they have for Sling. In other words, if your company is using the Free version of Sling, you cannot use the API to retrieve details included in Reports, as those are only Business feature details.

Below are the steps our team recommends for retrieving a token.

In order to make any request to the API, you must include an Authentication Token. You can obtain a token using the /account/login endpoint

(you should perform an /account/login request with the password and email fields for an admin user). This BASH script provides an example of how to do so, and can be run to obtain a token.

If the login succeeds, you would get an Authorization header in the response carrying your token. From there, on your use Authorization header, set to that token in the requests to access protected resources.

You can also extract the token from the Sling website using your browser Inspector tools and looking at the Authorization header that is sent with requests.

Note that those tokens are not guaranteed to last forever (they can expire from time to time), so you may need to get a new one periodically.

However, if you prefer a permanent one, you can get the token from the API request:

The API key is tied to the user, as each assigned system role has different access for what can be done in Sling.

For a complete list of endpoints, check here.

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