Adjust your account settings so that Sling works the right way for your needs

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When you login to your Sling profile, the access you have to settings depends on the system role that has been assigned to your profile by an admin or manager. Read on to learn where to adjust particular settings so that Sling works the way you need it to.

Please note that in order to access the full range of settings options, you must login to the web version of Sling. The full range of settings options are not available through the mobile app at this time.


As an admin for a Sling account, you have full access to all of the setting options that will affect all users who are active in the account.

The first two tabs of settings options only apply to your own view of the account. All users (admins, managers, and employees) have access to these settings options, and can tailor their own settings depending on their preferences.

Company settings, Schedule, Time clock, Labor cost, Time off, and Integrations will all affect the way that your staff interacts with Sling.

  • Company settings determine what features are enabled for the account, as well as providing ways to restrict certain functions for users

  • Schedule settings determine how much of the schedule users can see, and includes options for break settings, shift acceptance, shift exchanges, unavailability, and labor compliance

  • Time clock settings determine the rules for use of the time clock function

  • Labor cost provides guidelines for holiday and overtime pay as well as PTO details

  • Time off settings dictate how your employees are able to submit and receive approval for time off requests

  • Integrations tab provides the option to connect Sling with other applications


As a manager, you are still able to see how all of the settings for the account have been configured, but you do not have authorization to make changes that will affect the entire account. So when you check the settings for those tabs, you'll notice that you cannot change toggles for different items.

This way you are able to check and see how an admin has adjusted the setting for the account, but will need to reach out to an admin if any changes are necessary that would affect all users on the account.


If you are assigned the role of employee for your company's Sling account, this means that you'll only have control over your own Preferences and Notification settings.

Under your Preferences, you'll be able to adjust the time format, name format, world clock option, shift appearance, sound effects for messages, and ability for your teammates to see when you are typing a message.

Under your Notifications tab, you'll be able to activate one or more shift alarms, enable or disable Dashboard notifications, Message notifications, and Newsfeed notifications. You also have the ability to enable notifications for when you forget to clock in or out, depending on the Sling subscription your company is using.

If there is a function you feel is missing from the Settings options available, please contact us with your suggestions as we are always looking for more ways to improve Sling! Send an email to, or use the chat icon located at the bottom right of your screen. If you are using the Sling mobile app, you can reach us through the More tab, by tapping Help & Support as well.

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