This article was last reviewed April 13, 2022.

For Premium and Business subscriptions, Sling allows you to sync shifts you are assigned to (Full schedule, not included), to other calendar applications, to overlay your work schedules on top of your existing personal calendar.

Use calendar sync to:

  • Overlay your work schedule over your personal events

  • Balance your professional and personal commitments better

  • Keep your full schedule in one place and never miss a beat

How does the calendar sync work?

Sling calendar sync uses an open standard called iCalendar to share the work schedule with third-party calendar applications and services.

Using the calendar link icon in the top right of your Schedule tab, copy the URL from Sling.

Then paste it into your calendar app in the "From URL" section.

Once the sync is complete, it will show your shifts one month into past and two months into the future.

If the sync is no longer needed, you can disable the synchronization on the same modal you enabled it from, and remove the added calendar from your calendar app.

How often does calendar sync update?

Calendar applications typically sync and update the schedule on a regular interval, which can vary from several minutes to several hours depending on the application. Some calendar applications may allow you to change the refresh interval and some may not.

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