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How can I review how many hours my employees have worked for the month?
How can I review how many hours my employees have worked for the month?

Learn how to use the timesheet with Premium or Business subscription to review employee hours

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Created 2/11/2022

With Sling's time tracking function, you can keep track of the hours your employees have worked based upon when they have clocked in and out of their shifts.

If you need to review the total for the month or even the year, you can do so by adjusting the date range within the Timesheets, which is located under the Time Clock tab if you are using the web version of Sling.

It is also possible to access the Timesheets for your employees through the Sling mobile app by going to More > Timesheets. The web version of Sling makes it easier to view totals for a longer period of time at-a-glance.

From your Dashboard in the web version of Sling, select the Time Clock tab, and then select the date range you would like to view. You can choose from the Day, Week, Month, Pay period (if you've saved it to your settings), Quarter, Year, or a Custom range (for Business subscriptions only).

You can also apply any filters if there are specific employees you would like to review. Or you can isolate a specific Location, Position, or Group as well. For additional filters to be visible, you'll have to select the Filter button first:

Note that you can also adjust the Columns that are visible that way!

Once you have the details you need in view, you'll find the total per employee listed at the top of each new section of timesheet data.

If you scroll to the very bottom of all of the data in view, you'll also see the total hours for all of the shifts that area displayed for the range you've selected.

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