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How do I find the address for a location?
How do I find the address for a location?

Pull up the address details for shifts in your Sling mobile app

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Many times, employees work at various locations for a company. If you are assigned to a shift that is at a location you are unfamiliar with, you can pull up the address details using your Sling mobile app.

Note that only location details that have been saved to the Sling account by an Admin will be available. If you notice that address details are missing, you will need to contact a Manager or Admin on your organization's account.

First, go to the Shifts tab and make sure you are in the "My schedule" view.

(Note that these examples are taken from an account using the Free version of Sling using an Android device, so you might notice some differences in the display from what you see in the Sling mobile app.)

Next, tap the shift for which you need the location details.

On the next screen, you'll see the shift's details, including the Location that is assigned to it.

Tap the location, and then you will go to a screen with the address and the option to "direct" you using Google Maps or a whatever app you have designated for directions on your smartphone.

If the location's address details have not been saved, then you will need to contact your employer or a coworker to ask them for the address.

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