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Invitation to join Sling

Add and invite your employees so they can view the schedule and interact with your team

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This article was last updated on June 26, 2024.

When you add new employees, they are automatically invited to join your company account unless:

  • you have not added a valid email address or mobile number

  • you choose to delay their invitations until a later time.

If you elected to skip this step initially or need to resend an invitation, these are the steps to send one.

Please note that you'll need to complete these steps using the web version of Sling. You can log in at from a computer browser to do so.

Go to Dashboard > Employees and find the name of the person you need to send the invitation to. Click the options button (3 dots) and choose Invite employee (if the invitation has never been sent) or Re-invite employee.

Please also note that Sling will generate an email invitation for any employee who has an email that was added to their details. Employees who only have a phone number saved to their profile details will receive a text message invitation and will need to download the Sling mobile app in order to set up their login.

You can also go directly to an employee's profile to see the option.

If you elected not to invite your employees when setting up your account, and need to send invitations to the whole list, go to the Employees tab and click the options button (3 dots), then Invite all.

Next, your employees receive an email from which includes a link to create their own individual access to your company account.

Once they have created a password, they will receive a verification email to complete the setup process. It's as simple as clicking the link provided within the verification email. 

The last step is to go to or download the app and log in!

If your employees have any trouble with joining or verifying, please have them contact us via the Intercom icon at the bottom right of the screen, and we will be happy to assist them!

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