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Sling and Restaurant Manager
Sling and Restaurant Manager

Learn how to integrate Sling with your Restaurant Manager account

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Connect Sling with your Restaurant Manager POS to sync your employees, positions, and locations from Restaurant Manager to Sling, and send timesheets and sales from Restaurant Manager to Sling for a clearer understanding of your scheduled and actual labor hours and costs.

What data syncs?

Employee data

Send employee information - names, positions, locations, wages, created on Restaurant Manager to Sling, avoid repeating the task of adding new employees and keep the changes up-to-date.

Note: Emails are not provided by Restaurant Manager and can't be imported over to Sling at the moment.


Send timecards created on Restaurant Manager to Sling, compare the scheduled and actual hours and costs, analyze discrepancies, and export timesheets for processing payroll as if the time tracking was performed on Sling.

Note: Imported timesheets can't be linked to scheduled shifts at the moment.


Send sales data straight from your Restaurant Manager POS to Sling, compare projected and actual sales, labor %, and optimize the cost of labor by building better employee schedules that respect margins you are after.

Connecting your accounts

You can connect your Sling account to Restaurant Manager from the Integrations tab in Settings:

After the connection is established, your employees and timesheets will be imported into Sling. Past the initial import, the data will be automatically synced on an hourly basis. You are also able to sync the data manually whenever the latest updates are required (as often as every 15 minutes).
​It's important to note, that manually removed or edited information that was previously synced from Restaurant Manager, won't be updated on Sling with the following sync.

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