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How to edit an employee's base wage
How to edit an employee's base wage

Walk through the process of updating an employee's hourly or salary wage

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You can include a set wage by position, or by employee in Sling. When an employee receives a raise, or a promotion, you may want to edit the wage assigned to the employee in their individual profile. This article will show you how to update and employee's base wage. An Admin or a Manager assigned to Location(s) saved to an employee profile is able to make this edit in the company's Sling account.

Please note that Labor Cost information can only be edited from the web version of Sling, not from the Sling app.

From your Dashboard in the web version of Sling, click on the Employee button to pull up the list of your employees. Then select which employee you wish to update the wage information for.

Next, click on the Wages tab to pull up the wage details for that employee.

A couple things to note are that if a wage has not been assigned yet to the specific employee, you will only see the wage if one has been set for the Position(s) assigned to the employee. Sling will show you when the date for a wage is effective from based upon when it was entered and saved. The 3 dots (shown below) allow for you to make edits to a wage.

In this example, you'll click the employee base wage to edit:

Make sure you have selected the appropriate type of wage--either hourly or salary.

Then select the 3 dots next to "Employee Base Wage" and choose whether to delete a rate or add a new one. In this example, there is a base wage that was added in September, and so I can opt to include a new base wage that will be effective from January 21.

Click Save at the bottom of the screen once you've included the updated wage, or else your changes will not be applied.

Once you have saved the new wage, the employee's wage details will update to reflect when the wage was updated. Whatever position is saved to the employee profile will still be displayed as showing the wage for that position, but you will see that it specifies the employee wage rate specifically as well, and when that wage took effect:

Remember: wage rates applied to a Position will effect labor cost according to any employee assigned that position in Sling. A wage rate adjustment for the employee's base wage will only apply to that employee.

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