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Edit timesheet (employees)

Adjust start, end, and break times of worked shifts from the Sling app

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This article was updated August 12, 2022.

If your company has a Premium or Business subscription, then you can access your Time Sheets, which keep a record of the scheduled shifts assigned to you.

Please note that your company may not permit employees to edit timesheets. If you do not have access to complete these steps, then you will need to contact a manager or admin for your company's Sling account and request for them to make the timesheet edit instead.

Some companies give employees permission to edit their own time sheets. If you need to make adjustments to a shift you've worked, you can do so from the Sling phone app, or from the web version of Sling.

From the app

To begin, tap the "More" tab in the menu at the bottom of the screen. You'll then see a list of items, including Time Sheets:

When you tap Time Sheets, you can select which week you would like to view.

To make adjustments to a scheduled shift, simply tap on the shift you want to edit from the range you've selected:

When you tap on the selected shift, you'll see this screen:


Tap the 3 dots in the upper right corner, and choose "Edit" from the dropdown menu:

Once you select edit, you'll see more details for the shift, and you can tap on the start or end time to adjust it.

When you do, a clock will display for you to choose the correct time:

Once you've adjusted the time for the shift accordingly, then remember to tap "Save" before you leave the Edit timesheet screen, or your changes will not stick:

From the web

Login to your Sling profile at, and then select the Time clock tab in your blue menu bar, at the very top of the page.

Next, advance to the Day, Week, or Month where you need to make an edit to your timesheet.

Scroll all the way to the right to see the Option dots for the date you'd like to edit. Select the options for the shift at the far right. If you have authorization to make changes, then you will see the option to edit here.

Once you select Edit from the options, then you'll be able to add time clock details or edit the existing ones.

You can also add a timesheet note if you forgot to enter details for your shift at the time when you originally clocked in or out.

Once you're done making edits, remember to click Save so that the timesheet entry updates to include the new details.

Your timesheet may still require approval in order for its status to change from Pending to Approved.

If you do not have the option to edit your timesheet, you will need to contact a manager for help.


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