If you have connected your Shopify account with Sling, you have the ability to use our Kiosk feature inside Shopify POS.

Follow these few steps to set it up:

  1. Go on your Shopify POS app

  2. Tap on "Add tile"

  3. Tap on "App"

  4. Next to "Sling", tap on "Add"

  5. Sling is now available on your POS, congratulations 🎉

  6. Your employees can now enter their Shopify PIN and access the Kiosk. We will identify them automatically - they don't have to provide a Sling PIN for the Kiosk.

This feature is only available on the Business plan and with the new Shopify POS app.


Q: The Sling app is set up on my POS but it doesn't open the Kiosk feature. Why?

A: Check in Sling to see if the Kiosk has been enabled (Settings > Time clock).

Q: One of my employees cannot use the Kiosk. Why?

A: Employees need to join your Sling account to use the Kiosk feature.

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