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How to enable Sling on Shopify POS
How to enable Sling on Shopify POS

Learn how to add our Kiosk on the Shopify POS app

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If you have connected your Shopify account with Sling, you have the ability to use our Kiosk feature inside Shopify POS.

Follow these few steps to set it up:

  1. Go on your Shopify POS app

  2. Tap on "Add tile"

  3. Tap on "App"

  4. Next to "Sling", tap on "Add"

  5. Sling is now available on your POS, congratulations πŸŽ‰

  6. Your employees can now enter their Shopify PIN and access the Kiosk. We will identify them automatically - they don't have to provide a Sling PIN for the Kiosk.

This feature is only available on the Business plan and with the new Shopify POS app.


Q: The Sling app is set up on my POS but it doesn't open the Kiosk feature. Why?

A: Check in Sling to see if the Kiosk has been enabled (Settings > Time clock).

Q: One of my employees cannot use the Kiosk. Why?

A: Employees need to join your Sling account to use the Kiosk feature.

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