December 2019 release
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Christmas vacation didn't stop us from delivering new features and improvements.

Set when leave caps reset for your employees

If you are using our PTO features to track your employees' time off, you now have the ability to set when their caps reset. You  can either set a common date for everyone or set it as your employees' hire dates.

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Set your payroll range 

If you are tired of using the custom range to view your payroll period in timesheets and reports, you can now define it in the labor cost settings.

Once set, you will be able to pick the payroll range on Reports and Time clock pages.

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Employee base wage

If you have employees working multiple positions for the same hourly rate, you can now set a base wage rather than typing the same rate for each position. 

This feature is part of the Premium plan
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In case you missed it

  • You can now include hyperlinks in your day notes and shift notes  

  • You can import wages when importing employees

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