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Get a shareable link so your employees can self-register and join your account

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If you have a large staff or want to make adding employees easier on yourself, you can share a link to let them create their own profiles. 

Your unique link will connect them to your account and give you an opportunity to screen join requests so you can weed out any unauthorized profiles.

To get your link, go to the Employees tab (Dashboard > Employees), and click the options button (3 dots).

A pop-up will appear with your link. Copy it and you can share it with your employees anywhere you'd like.

When your employees follow the link, they will be asked for their name and email address and they will have a chance to set their password. To submit their request, they just click the Request invite button.

They will see that their request is waiting for approval and we will let them know they will receive an email with the next steps.

On the admin/manager side, you will get a join request notification. If you recognize the name, you can approve it right from your Dashboard.

If you need to review the details, you can click the notification. 

You can also look for all join requests under the Employees tab. To approve or deny a request here, click the options button (3 dots).

Once approved, you will see the profile moved to the Invited users list and you will be able to view the full profile to edit their assigned locations, positions, groups, and more.

Sling will send an email to the employee to confirm their acceptance. They will just need to follow the invitation link to complete the process and log in.

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