3. Adding positions

How to create positions, color-code your shifts, or edit position details

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Positions can be applied in many ways. Traditionally, they define an employee's job role (such as nurse, cook, cashier, etc). However, they are flexible and can be used to define any kind of information you might use to separate your employees' skills, responsibilities, and more. The position's assigned color is also what determines the color of the shift blocks on your company's schedule.

Creating a position

Using the web version of Sling, go to your Dashboard and click Positions, then click the Add position button:

Enter the position name, then choose a color. The color saved to the position is what determines how the shift block appears on the schedule.

Next, add employees. Any person who might be assigned to a shift for this position or who can pick up a shift for this position should be listed here. You can type names into the field or click and choose one by one from the list. Note that you can add all employees with one click using the link shown.

Like locations, you also have an option to permanently hide a position from your view of the schedule. This should only be used if the position is one you will never manage, but this could affect your ability to see totals for employees scheduled in multiple positions.ย 

There is also an option to enter a position ID which can be applied to reports (Business version).

Finally, you have the option to set a base wage for a position. Setting a base wage for a position means that any employee assigned to this position will be paid at this rate, unless they have a specific rate for this position defined in their profile.

When you have all the details set the way you want, click Save at the bottom of the page to create your new position.

Editing a position

You may need to make some adjustments to the positions you have saved to your account, such as changing the color for them or editing their name. This is easy to do using the web version of Sling.

From your Dashboard, select Positions, and then locate the position you wish to edit in the list that displays. At the end of the row for that position, you'll see an option button (3 dots). Click and select Edit position.

This will take you to the page with the position's details, where you can adjust the color for the position, rename it, or make other edits.

Remember to click Save at the bottom of the screen before leaving the page.


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