4. Adding locations

Steps to add locations to your account

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This article was last updated on April 29, 2024.

By default, we add a location labeled the same as the company name you set in step 1. If you would like to add more locations or edit an existing location, you can do that from your Dashboard.

From the web

To add a new location, go to Dashboard > Locations. Click the Add location button.

A form will appear where you can add your location's details. 

First, add the Name of the location. This can be based on your business's name, but you might also be using locations in a different manner, such as to identify a client your company works with. The name you use will determine how the location appears within your shift blocks and within your timesheet and reports details.

When setting an Address, make sure you choose one of the suggested ones from the list that is auto-generated when you begin to type. This will ensure that the location is registered on the map (which is important for other features to work properly). It's also important to note that the "full address" that will work for geofence purposes must include the country abbreviation, as shown in the example below.

Just below the map for the location, you'll see a field where you can enter Notes for it, the name of the Contact person for the location, as well as the Phone number that employees can use to reach the contact person.

VERY IMPORTANT: You should verify that the time zone for your location is accurate. If you enter a full address for the location, this information should automatically populate, but it is best practice to verify the time zone is correct. Shifts created for a certain location are permanently attached to the time zone specified here. Updating this info later will not update any existing shifts.

Next, you can assign employees to the location. It's important that all employees have all applicable locations assigned so they will be able to get the appropriate notifications and have access to the right information. Click in the field to choose certain names or click the add all link to add everyone listed on the account.

You'll also find an option to hide a location from the schedule on this page. This will make the location completely invisible on the schedule. This setting hides the location for all users on the account.

The External data field lets you attach a numeric ID to the location, which can then be used in reports, so you can export data according to a location ID rather than a name.

The time clock settings (Premium and Business accounts only) let you set an IP address for the location. These will only be visible if the time clock is enabled for the account. This is connected to our geofencing feature, which restricts access to the time clock based on an approved internet connection. Your current connection will be recognized so you can add it with one click, or you can manually add one or more addresses by clicking on the Add IP address button.

To add more than one or remove one, you can click the options button next to an existing address.

Finally, you can set labor cost details for the location, including projected sales, max labor budget, and max labor hours (Premium and Business only).

The projected sales entered here will apply to each week. For example, if you add $2500.00 for Monday, Sling will populate that figure as the projected sales amount for every Monday. You will also have an option to manually adjust specific dates from the calendar later, so these are not final projections. 

The max labor budget lets you set the highest limit for labor spending per week. This setting will generate a popup alert on the schedule if you exceed the limit, giving you a chance to go back and make changes to stay within budget.

The max labor hours will behave the same way as the max labor budget, but is related to total scheduled hours per week. You will also get a popup alert when you attempt to schedule over this limit. 

Once you have all the location details entered the way you want, click Save and you are all set to schedule for the location.

From the mobile app

Tap the More icon, then choose Locations.

Tap the + icon at the top right.

Fill in all the details for your location, then tap Save.

You're all set to schedule for your new location!

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