Sling and Shopify

Learn how integrating with Shopify can help you set up an account faster and manage your labor costs more accurately

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Our integration with Shopify lets you create a Sling account right from Shopify or link an existing Sling account to your Shopify marketplace.

Benefits of integrating Sling and Shopify

  • Sync employee data: send employee information created on Shopify to Sling. Avoid having to add new employees on two platforms, and keep the changes up-to-date.

  • Real-Time API: instantaneously synchronize information from Shopify to Sling with one click of a button.

  • Sync sales: send sales data straight from Shopify to Sling. Compare projected and actual sales analytics and optimize the cost of labor by building better employee schedules.

Connecting your accounts

Existing Sling accounts can integrate with Shopify from the Integrations tab in Settings.

It's also possible to establish the connection from the Shopify side by searching for Sling in the Shopify marketplace. When you click to add the app, you can login to an existing Sling account and set up the sync.
After the connection is established, we will automatically sync data every hour. You also have the option to manually sync when updates are needed (as often as every 15 minutes).

If you're new to Sling, you can set up the sync right from the Shopify marketplace, which will allow you to create a new Sling account even faster. Your company details, employees, and more will be pulled from Shopify to Sling automatically.

Search for Sling in the Shopify app store and click Add app, then follow the prompts.

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