Christmas is right around the corner but we are not slowing down! We've been working hard to release some nice improvements around the schedule. 

Try our shift templates 

If you are often scheduling shifts with the same details, you should take a look at our shift template feature. 

You can now create templates of your most common shifts and build your schedule faster. You can use these templates when creating a shift from the modal or by dragging them directly onto the schedule.

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This feature is part of the Premium & Business plan

Set individual leave caps

We are continuing to improve our paid time off feature by adding individual leave caps. 

If your business tracks paid time off, it is now possible to set different leave caps for each employee rather than caps that apply across the board. 

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This feature is part of the Business plan

In case you missed it

In messages, you can now pin your favorite conversations to the top so you don't have to search for them. You can pin up to four conversations at the same time. 

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