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How do I add sales data to my account?
How do I add sales data to my account?

Learn how to upload or manually input sales data within Reports

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This article was updated on December 30, 2021

The Reports tab includes a section just for sales data, which allows you to track projected and actual sales to help with labor cost budgeting.

There are two options to add sales data to your Sling account. 

Uploading sales figures from a file

If you have an existing file or are able to export the data from another software, you can easily upload it into Sling. 

From the Reports page, make sure you're viewing the Sales tab, then click the import button and choose the import option you prefer (actual or projected).

Note that it's best if the file is formatted as plain text.

In addition dates should not have any extra zeros (eg, 01/07/2021 should be listed in the file as 1/7/2021) and sales amounts should omit a separator for thousands (eg, 1,500.00 should be in the file as 1500.00).

The next window will ask you to choose the file from your device and also tell Sling how the data is aligned in the file (dates listed across the top of the spreadsheet = horizontally; dates listed from top to bottom = vertically). Once you choose a file, the page will advance automatically, but there is an option to come back if you forget to choose the correct alignment.

On the next screen, you will have a chance to label the columns or rows, choose any rows/columns to exclude, and choose the date format. If your file includes several locations, you will also need to label them so Sling will apply the correct figures to the correct location.

Click Next to see a summary of the data to be imported. If everything looks correct, click Import Sales.

If the import is successful, you will see a confirmation message.

Editing sales manually for a single date

If you plan to update your sales manually each day or would like to make a change to a specific date, you can easily do so right from the Reports page.

Find the date you need to edit under the sales tab and hover your mouse over the data. You'll see a pencil appear to indicate you can edit it. 

Click it and you can type in the new data. To save the change, click the green check button or hit enter on your keyboard. If you need to cancel the changes, click the red x button.

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