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How do I swap a shift?
How do I swap a shift?

Learn how to trade a shift with one of your coworkers

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This article was last updated February 14, 2024

Premium accounts can take advantage of this feature which allows users to trade shifts in just a few steps. 

If you find that you can't work a shift, but don't want to lose hours for the week, you might consider swapping shifts with one of your coworkers. 

It's important to note that shift swaps are limited to a 2-week time frame. You will not be able to swap with a shift that is more than 2 weeks away.

From the website:

Click the shift you want to give up to open its details, then click the options button (3 dots) and choose Swap shift.

Next, choose the employee you'd like to exchange shifts with. The list will show employees who have an assigned shift for the same position, first. You can also choose another employee who has a shift for a different position if you are eligible to work multiple positions.

Once you select an employee, you will see a list of their assigned shifts.  Choose the shift you'd like to pick up in exchange for yours and click Initiate swap.

You'll get confirmation that a notification was sent to the employee for consideration. 

On the other employee's end, they will get a notification of the shift swap offer. To review the details of the swap, click the notification.

This will show the details of the shift being offered and the shift being taken so you can decide whether to accept or reject the swap.

If you accept it, the swap will then be sent to a manager for approval (if required by your account admin). If you reject it, the employee who initiated the swap is notified and both your schedules remain unchanged.

Once the swap is completed and/or approved, both employees will be notified and the shifts will be reassigned.

From the mobile app:

Go to the Shifts tab, look at your own schedule, and tap the shift you would like to swap.

Once you're looking at the shift details, tap the options button (3 dots) at the top right corner of your screen, then tap Swap shift.

Next, tap the name of the employee you would like to offer your shift to.

This will bring up a list of any shifts assigned to that employee which are eligible for swap with the one you've offered. Tap one to select it, then tap Send at the top right corner.

You'll get confirmation that a swap has been started and a reminder that you are still responsible for the shift until the other employee accepts the swap.

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