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Deactivate or delete employees
Deactivate or delete employees

Decide which option works best for your needs

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Deleting an employee removes them from your account completely and is not reversible. If you want to add them back at a future date, a new profile will need to be created and they will have to go through the invitation process again. This option is best for employees who are no longer employed by your organization and will not be returning. Shift history and time sheet history is retained, however.

Deactivating an employee keeps the user's info in your account, but prevents the user from logging in or receiving notifications. This is a good option for seasonal employees, those who might go on extended leave, or employees who may be eligible for rehire in the future. The employee can be reactivated at any time without having to go through the invitation process again. Premium and Business users are not charged for deactivated users.

Please note that if you choose to archive a Position or Location that is associated with any shifts that were assigned to an employee, and opt to delete the shifts during that process, then these shifts will no longer be available for historical reference. The act of deactivating or deleting an employee alone will not remove historical schedule data.

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