You can also set wages for positions, but adding a wage to an employee's profile allows you to override base wages. This means you can give an employee a raise or account for a more senior member of your staff without affecting the base rate of pay.

To add a pay rate for an employee, go to the Employees tab and click their name in the list.

Next, click the Wages tab. You'll see any base rates for positions listed here. Click the options button (3 dots) next to the position you want to add a rate for.

The wage field will allow you to type the new rate in and you will see that the Effective from date defaults to the current date. Add the new rate and click Save.

The base rate is replaced with the individual's wage for that position and is clearly distinguishable as being above the base rate of pay.

From the effective date on, this user will now be paid at the higher rate rather than the base wage since employee wages override position wages.

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