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How do I approve pending timesheets?
How do I approve pending timesheets?

Learn what a pending timesheet is and how to mark it as approved

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This article was last updated on November 28, 2023.

When there is new time clock activity for an employee, it is automatically saved as a pending change to their timesheet. This allows managers or admins to review employee timesheets for accuracy before they are processed for payroll. Please note that there must be data for clock in and clock out before you can approve a timesheet.

From the web

You can approve individual entries using the options button.

To approve timesheets in bulk, check off line items or check the select all box at the top left of the list, and you will see a button to approve the selected timesheets.

Once a timesheet is approved, you will see the updated status.

From the mobile app

To approve timesheets on the Sling mobile app, go to the More tab, then select Timesheets.

You can approve individual timesheets by tapping an employee's name,

then select the timesheet you want to approve.

Once you have selected the timesheet you want to approve, tap "Approve."

To approve all timesheets for an employee for the week, tap the employee's name, press the 3-dot option near the upper right, corner, then tap "Approve all timesheets."

After you approve a timesheet, you will see the updated status.

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