Need a daily reminder of your shifts? Sling will send you a notification up to 24 hours before the start of your shift so you always know when it's time to head to work.

From the web:

From any screen within Sling, click your name at the top right corner and choose Settings from the list.

You can also click the Settings tab from the Dashboard. 

Click the Notifications tab, and you will see the option to turn Shift Alarms on or off. 

Switching the toggle to Yes will expand options. You can choose set your reminders in minutes or hours. You will also see a menu to choose the timing of your alarms, but you can also type any number into the field. For minutes the limit is 1440. For hours the limit is 24.

Finally, you can choose how you would like to receive them. There are options for push notification (through the app), email, and SMS (for Premium/Business accounts).

From the app:

From your app Dashboard, tap the options menu.

Tap Settings.

Tap the toggle next to Enable shift alarms to turn them on.

To adjust how far in advance you'd like get your reminder, tap the arrow next to the Number of minutes before shift option,

which will bring up a menu where you can choose up to 180 minutes (or 3 hours). The option to set alarms in hours is coming to the app soon.

Finally, just remember to Save your changes!

Your shift alarms will arrive based on the method you choose while logged in on the website (

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