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Toggle the option to invite an employee as you are adding them to the account until you are ready for them to join

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Sling automatically invites your employees to join your account when you add a valid email or mobile number to their profile. However, if you would like to skip this step until a later time, you have the option. 

When creating a new employee profile, just switch the toggle to "No" where you see the invitation option.

It also appears as an option when importing multiple employees.

This way, you can get your account set up and organized and then invite employees when you are ready to start using Sling!

Please note that if you are integrating your Sling account with another application, when you are entering details into the employee page, Sling will automatically assume you want to invite the new people. Be sure to toggle the option according to your preference before advancing to the next page. It is not possible to uninvite someone, only to deactivate their profile so that they may no longer complete the sign-up process.

We recommend using the web version of Sling as you're setting up the account. Login from the web at on a desktop device. Using a browser on a smartphone will result in unusual behaviors.

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