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How do I edit a location’s time zone? (admins and managers)
How do I edit a location’s time zone? (admins and managers)

Learn how to adjust the time zone for your location

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Making sure the correct time zone is connected to your locations is very important for Sling to function properly.

Shifts scheduled for a location are permanently attached to the time zone that was set at the time the shifts were created.
This means that if you schedule shifts, then update the time zone for a location, your shifts will still be connected to the old time zone, which can cause problems for employees with regard to how they see times and receive certain notifications. If you change a time zone after creating shifts for a location, you will have to manually recreate the shifts to update the time zone.

Go to Dashboard > Locations. You’ll see the current time zone for each location listed here.

To edit a location’s time zone, click the options menu next to the location and click Edit location.

 Then, choose your new time zone from the list. Remember, this will not update the time zone attached to existing shifts for the location.

Just remember to click Save at the bottom and you're done!

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