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Block time off requests for specific dates in the schedule

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Managers and admins have the ability to restrict certain dates so that employees cannot submit time off requests for them.

From the web

To block time off requests for a specific day using the web version of Sling, use the week view and hover your mouse over the date above the Unassigned field. Click on the plus sign ( + ) that appears.

You can also find the option to add this using the day view, in which case the + symbol appears up next to the date:

In the window that pops up, check the box next to the option to block requests, then Save your changes.

Employees will not be able to submit requests for that particular date once saved.

Existing approved time off will not be affected. You will need to delete time off requests that were added to the date prior to the block being saved.

From the mobile app

To block time off requests using the Sling mobile app, select the Shifts tab, and then locate the date that you need to block. In that week, press and hold the date on the left side of the screen, and you'll get a menu:

Select Day options from the menu that appears.

Then on the next screen, toggle on the option for "Time off requests not allowed," and remember to tap Save before leaving the screen.

Once this has been saved, employees will be denied time off requests for the date(s) on which they have been blocked.

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