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Our Premium subscription includes the following tools:

Labor Cost

Labor costs are one of the largest expenses any business has to absorb. Sling helps you estimate and optimize your spending as you schedule.

Whenever you add a shift, you see how much it’s costing you, how much each employee is costing you, and how much you are spending on labor per period. 

To get started, specify your employees’ wages within their profiles. If wages are standard across a position, set them for positions instead.


Often it’s the overtime that drives your labor cost up. Sling helps you spot and avoid potential overtime before it becomes a problem. 

Whenever you are about to schedule someone into overtime, you are notified and are able to make changes. You also see how many overtime hours you've scheduled so far and how much they are costing your business. 

To start measuring overtime and activate overtime alerts, enable overtime in Labor Cost settings and set your weekly threshold (max hours per week).


Keeping track of your labor budget can produce a substantial amount of savings, wider margins, and bigger profits. 

With Sling, you can set how much you want to spend on labor or how many hours you want to schedule per week in each location. Once you hit the limit, you get notified and are able to adjust your schedules accordingly. 

Go ahead and set your labor budget goals for your locations in Labor Cost settings.

Labor %

When thinking of labor costs, it’s not enough to simply look at the estimated wages. In order to get an accurate sense of it, you must view labor as a percentage of sales. Labor as a percentage of sales is the best way to ensure budgets are met consistently. 

With Sling, you can set your Labor % target and monitor how each shift you schedule affects this number.  For Labor % to work properly, you’ll need to set sales defaults for each day of the week or update the projected sales for each location daily right from the calendar. 


Sling helps you analyze your labor costs via Reports. You can pull data on each of the functions of labor cost for the day, week, month, or for customizable periods. 

Time Clock

To be able to use Labor Cost data for payroll, you need to track actual hours. You can do that right from Sling with the Time Clock feature. 

Once you enable the Time Clock, your employees will be able to clock in and out for their shifts right from their phones. You can also use geofencing to prevent employees from clocking in from outside of the location of the shift. 

Your employees' time punches can also be reviewed and edited via Timesheets so that you can be sure the data is correct and ready for Payroll.

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