Upgraded to Scheduling Pro and need to unlock Sling's Business features?

Purchased Scheduling Pro and your Sling account still reflects Sling Lite?

Here are the steps on getting Sling Business features unlocked through your Toast+Sling integration:

  1. From your Sling account > click on Settings > Integrations > then click on the "3 dot" option box for Toast (far right), and choose Disconnect.

2. Once the integration has been disconnected, please repeat the steps to

connect: Sling > Settings > Integrations > Toast options > Connect.

3. A window should populate with a new unique group ID code.

Please COPY the code, and then head to Toast tab > Integrations > Configure Integrations > Setting tool (gear icon) for Scheduling Pro, powered by Sling.

4. PASTE the code you just copied to replace the old GROUP ID code for the

location you need to sync:

Then you can click to "Apply." The sync should now be reenabled and all features of Sling should be unlocked! You may need to refresh the tab you have opened to Sling if you do not see this happen automatically.

If you do not see the Scheduling Pro, powered by Sling application in your Toast web, please contact our support team directly through chat or email.

If you would like to purchase Scheduling Pro, powered by Sling, please contact your Toast sales representative!

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