Article created 10/13/2021.

When you check the schedule and notice that the times assigned to shifts appear to be incorrect, it may be because the wrong time zone has been saved to your profile or to the location that is attached to the shift.

If you are assigned the role of employee, you can check your profile to make sure that the correct time zone has been saved to it. From your Dashboard, click the Profile button, and you'll find the time zone detail saved under your phone number:

If the correct time zone has been saved to your profile, then you will need to contact a Manager or Admin on the account so that they can check the time zone that has been saved to the Location assigned to the shifts on the schedule.

If you are a Manager or Admin, you can check the details saved to a location from your Dashboard > Locations > Settings tab:

Below the map details, you'll see the time zone that has been set to that location:

If a time zone need to be corrected, please note that any shifts that have been scheduled with this location assigned will not update once the time zone is changed. An admin or manager will need to delete all shifts that contain the location with the old time zone detail, and create new shifts with the updated location in order for the schedule to display the correct information.

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