Article reviewed 10/1/2021

When you apply for an available shift, the shift itself will indicate that you have done so, but it will remain in the Available shift section until a Manager or Admin has decided who it will be assigned to, as there are often multiple applicants.

While there is not a way to view a summary of the shifts that you have applied for, you can find those shifts in the Available section of your Schedule in either the web or mobile version of Sling until they have been assigned to you or someone else.

When you apply, you'll notice that the shift no longer has the "available" icon, but instead shows your initials in the web version of Sling, as demonstrated below. The employee has applied to the shift for Friday, and her initials indicate this in the schedule view:

When you click on the shift details, you'll see a note about your own shift application:

In the app, it is similar. Once you've applied for a shift, it will no longer have the "available" icon, but will look like this:

And when you tap on the shift you've applied for, you can see the note in the app as well:

If after you applied for a shift you did not notice these changes, then your app may have needed to be refreshed in order to display them properly.

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