This article was last reviewed on December 22, 2022.

The integration between ADP Workforce Now and Sling allows you to sync your time tracking information with payroll. This includes regular hours, overtime, double overtime, and sick or vacation hours. Employee info added to ADP will be imported into Sling.

Note: Only a user with full admin access to the ADP account can manage the integration.

How to connect ADP and Sling

  1. Click Settings on your “Dashboard”.

  2. Click Integrations under “Settings”.

  3. Under “Payroll apps,” click Connect next to “ADP Workforce Now.

  4. Copy the code and hit "Connect", you will be redirected to ADP Marketplace.

  5. Click on "Buy now."

6. On this screen, paste the code you got in step 3 and continue.

7. Select your payment method and “Continue.”

8. Confirm the payment and Acknowledge the “App’s term of service” then “Place order.”

9. See your order receipt.

10. Go to My apps.

11. Click on Sling.

12. You are now redirected to Sling and the syncing process begins.

How much does it cost?

ADP assesses the following fees for this integration, in addition to the regular subscription costs for Sling:

  • $0.25/user for the Free subscription

  • $0.50/user for the Premium subscription

  • $0.75/user for the Business subscription

The payment for the fees noted above is processed by ADP and not by Sling.

After connecting your ADP account, employees will be synced from ADP to Sling. If you already have employees on your Sling account, it will look for matching email addresses to prevent duplicates.

How to import data from ADP to Sling

Sling automatically imports and syncs employees and their wages. You can always trigger a manual sync if needed by following these steps:

  1. Click Settings on your “Dashboard”.

  2. Click Integrations under “Settings”.

  3. Next to ADP, click on the three dots button.

  4. Click Sync

How to export payroll information from Sling to ADP

In order to export payroll information from Sling to ADP, you will need to push your employees' hours through the Sling payroll report:

  1. Click Reports in the navigation header.

  2. Click Payroll

  3. Set the date range to Payroll

  4. Click on the Export button and select “Export to ADP”.

Your Timesheets will now appear in the Run Payroll section of your ADP account.

You can export as many times as you want – each export overrides the last one, so if you make a mistake or add a Timecard late, you can export again.

We only export data for hourly employees.


Q: What happens if an employee’s information is updated after the employee was synced?

A: ADP will update Sling and new information will sync automatically.

Q: Can the payroll export be automated?

A: No. We want managers to do a final review of timesheets first and foremost before sending information to payroll.

Q: What does ERROR_CONSENT mean?

A: This error can happen if you have not logged into Sling through ADP. You can fix that by using the ADP button on our login page or by accessing Sling through your ADP account. On ADP, go to My Apps and click on Sling.

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